Troop Carrier monument at DZ/LZ Son, Holland
On Sunday 16 September 1944 a Troop Carrier monument was inaugurated at the drop- and landing zones at Son, just north of Eindhoven.
This monument commemorates the part of the men of the Ixth Troop Carrier Command during operation Market Garden on the missions towars this particular drop- and landing zone.
The area was used by six Troop Carrier Groups to fly in the 101st Airborne Division. See more about the flights here.

The idea for this monument, the project, and everything connected with it was executed by the Remember September 1944 Foundation.. The website is here:
Newspaper article from Eindhovens Dagblad. The title is:”Freedom is litterly brought”.  This because the liberation came from the air, and it had to be transported from England to Holland.
The photo on the left shows four of the six members of the Remember September 1944 Foundation. On the right a glider on the LZ and glider pilot James Larkin, 437th Troop Carrier Group, on a Dutch farm.
Clockwise: A C-47 flies over during the speeches. It is about to drop paratroopers on the former DZ. The monument visible to the public after the re-supply parachute was removed by Mr. Michael Larkin, Mayor Gaillard of Son and Hans den Brok. The monument. The Remember September 1944 Foundation members with Mrs. Bette Taylor at the monument. Left to right: Frenk Derks van de Ven, Frits Janssen, Tom Peeters, Christian Dijkhuizen, Hans den Brok and Peter van de Broek. Mrs. Taylor is daughter of a 502 PIR trooper.
Thanks for Petra Wensted, Peter van de Wal and Michael Larkin for the photos.
Airborne Troop Carrier - Holland